The financial Planning in short

The financial plan in short. 
I wrote well: " In short "... 
I know perfectly what is a true financial plan consists. By lack of time, I am obliged to furnish here a resume in several steps. 
Stage 1: To gather a strating sum of approximately 200.000 euros from private funds.  
I hope to gather 20 percent of them by selling a rather important collection of stamps (*),  
and more half of this sum by selling an apartment.  
A equivalent sum will be asked to the Bill Gates Fundation, to gain some times,  
operation due to the fact that the need in Africa of alternative energies from winds and sun is very urgent. 
Loose time would be rather bad, the quick rise of the oil cost is attended to to cause heavy public disorders in several countries. 
(*) Bond towards my online shop at  
Stage 2: To create a company in Tunisia (can be done in 48 hours by Internet), 
after having presented a market research and a feasibility study.  
Stage 3: To obtain, thanks to the first two points, a financial loan of State Tunisian Bank.  
These banks lend up to with 10 times more than the initial amount, at a ridiculous rate,  
in the hope to give work to the habitants, of which the monthly salary is very cheap.  
Average wages: 150 euros per month for a supervisor of harbour installations.  
Stage 4: To rent a villa with a working place and a ground of approximately 5 hectares, 
in order to assemble installations which can be shown to Tunisian journalists, 
in order to be as quickly as possible viewable on the market.  
Stage 5: To produce very simple and effective wind mills,  
in the same spirit german people builded the famous " volkswagen". 
Those wind mills wil be intended for local government agencies and villages.  
It will be possible to obtain for the customers of the State loans,  
especially in the interior of the country, where the national electrical communication is not enough widespread.  
(province of Kasserine for example)  
Stage 6: It is also envisaged to also deliver big cisterns,  
because the Tunisian farmers complain more and more about the dryness, whereas the rains are very abundant in winter.  
However, this complementary activity will require expensive earthmovers and public plans of financing for the farmers.  
Stage put lastly thus.

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