Energy produced by the wind

How to use the wind?  
Various countries turn more and more to exploitation of wind energy.  
This step, obviously initially founded under the pressures exerted by the ecologists, is accelerated these last years within sight of increase in the cost of the barrel of petrol.  
One can carry out large things with wind mills:  
To produce electricity, to make flow water out of ground, or quite simply to compress air.  
Let us pass by again these three point in review:  
Producing of electricity: Simplest is to be satisfied to produce of the 12 volts, D.C. current, and to store it in batteries, for then converting it into 220 volts 50 Hertz by inverters.  
But this should not be held with a limited use, because one too often neglects that the lifespan of traditional batteries do not exceed 5 years.  
It is thus much more practical to directly carry out electrolysis of water, in order to produce hydrogen which can be used like gas as heating, and which can also reduce very easily the iron ores.  
Must I also announce that hydrogen is the royal road towards the production of fuels of synthesis? - Moreover, oxygen which also gets clear can be useful for other applications. (production of hydrogen peroxide in particular)  
To make flow water out of ground:  
This application can be used in the countries of North as Africa, which has consequent water tables to sprinkle the cultures in summer, and to provide water to animals. The maintenance of the installations is very often neglected, in this field, by Non Gouvernemental Associations.  
To compress air: One is too often unaware of that compressed air is a driving force, very much used in the workshops.  
However, the price of the increasing diesel, this driving force becomes very competing to actuate agricultural machinery of fixed use.

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