The tunisian & international Market

The Tunisian market and export's possibilities  
A market research will be necessary so to obtain the support of the local authorities.  
It would be good to carry it out by an local graduate in commercial sciences.  
I draw however your attention to the fact that, if I aim the national market initially,  
it is in order to more precisely encircle the needs for the communities and local P.M.E, and this with few expenses.  
(One can rent a small villa with a few hectares of ground for 150 euros per month)  
I am even well placed to obtain free use of grounds,  
for services rendered to a Tunisian national to Belgium.  
The requirements in Tunisia are shouting: too abundant rains in winter, dryness in summer,  
with a temperature which borders the 45 degrees.  
Without air conditioning, it becomes difficult between 11:00 and 15:00 of simply… thinking! 
Between these hours, the inhabitants trail themselves from a place to another to drink a cup of tea,  
at the exception of the police officers of faction to the crossroads, of which I admire stoicism.  
There exists an area of Tunisia where the habitants lives under ground, in very comfortable conditions. (troglodytes)  
Unemployment rate (without allowances worthy of this name) borders the 20 procent. 
It is quite certain that, with a little creativity, it must be possible to answer in an elegant way to those rather uncomfortable variations in temperature,  
and to lay out a hand of qualified workers, and not very greedy.  
The machines to manufacture ice are very appreciated, but that requires electrical energy... 
Here you will find the utility of the wind mills and the solar chimneys,  
in the absence of too expensive photovoltaic panels.  
There also exists a market, in the campaigns, for portable lamps provided with diodes, or ceiling lights,  
that one can reload while turning a crank, or supplied with wind mills & solar chimneys.  
Lastly, the design of generators able to function with fuels of synthesis resulting from the biomass would be the welcome.  
Quasiturbine could bring an elegant solution. (see picture and the link on the left)  
My final objective, is to export in the rest of Africa and South-America  
Obviously, the selling price could not be the same one.  
National customers: Price according to the capacity of local purchase.  
European customers: Count 5 times roughly more, according to the capacity of purchase in Europe, 
and to cover the transport costs in particular.  
The recent agreements as regards VAT between Tunisia and the European Community, are in the train to level up the difficulties in this field.  
Lastly, it is essential to hold regularly of the "Open Doors" days, in order to motivate the potential customers.  
African do only buy somthing that work without breakdown.  
Prototypes on plan leave them completely indifferent.  
The journalists like local innovations, especially to be pleasant with the Presidency and to propose a brand image of the country. 
I hope to cherish them !

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