Here will find you my strong points

First of all, allow me to present myself: I was born in DRC (ex Belgian Congo), arrived to Belgium at 4 years old.  
I have made studies in industrial chemistry and I lay out a graduat in insurances broking,  
with the countable and legal formation necessary in order to direct a company.  
I am able to program in ASP and PHP, like conceiving programs with Visual Studio.NET,  
but the programming does not connect me any more very extremely, except under Linux.  
Being given my age (53 years old), and my polyvalence, I do nont accept more than temporary missions of managers,  
this in order to reserve a little more spare time to me for my personal projects.  
Here my strong points likely to make very quickly pass the company in the course of creation all in top of the market concerned:  
Strong point 1 : The wind mills designed in Europe are not appropriate for the country of the North of l' Africa.  
They were conceived by engineers specialized in aeronautics, who attach an importance overestimated to the output.  
The profiles of miles' pales are too worked out, and can be produced only in specialized foundries.  
Those profiles are valuable only for wind mills intended to produce 1 megawatt or more,  
needed by local government agencies.  
Moreover, why grant so much importance in the output, whereas the wind is FREE?  
I thus thought of a model wind mill much simpler, intended to produce only 250 KW,  
and which does not require cranes to be placed or to be maintained,  
in the event of breaking of blades or to change an alternator.  
This model must still be tested and the patent deposited in Belgium and Tunisia.  
Strong point 2 : I made studies of industrial chemistry, which allows me to have a very general sight of what can be done with electricity, of hydrogen, of oxygen, and the biomass (fuels of substitution, etc…)  
However, the principal defect of the inventors is that, too often, they are able to present an invention, but neglect completely in ensuring themselves downstream applications,  
which limits the market considerably to be exploited. I attach, in contrary, a great importance to further exploitation of anything. 
Strong point 3 : I already went to the site, and lays out a very qualified collaborator,  
speaking Arab, able: 
- to send me, by boat or plane all a little special parts which could not be easily in North Africa  
- to negotiate with the Tunisian banks and of to open all the doors in the local administrations.

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