Profile of the guessed Investors

Important precision: I do NOT authorize any person or any company to perceive funds on my behalf or in the name of the project. Please contact me with urgency to the following email ( if you are solicited by a third for a payment on account other than that which will be mentioned on this site. 
Philosophy: I believe essential to specify that my objective is to make exactly the opposite of  
what American and Europeans have done for more than 50 years in Africa!  
It is acts here to make Africans definitively AUTONOMOUS in energy (gasoline, diesel, electricity, gas of heating, etc),  
and able to exploit THEMSELVES their natural resources, instead of selling off them at ridiculous prices !  
I am seeking in priority, for this reason, the support of investors of the Arab countries and of Iran.  
The malignant European investors, who will agree to follow my steps, would come to reside and spend their pensions in Tunisia and in Morocco. 
Which investors do you think that I seek?  
It does not act inevitably of those which have largest the financial means.  
I make a very important to specify that I, in particular, make a point of remaining the boss impossible  
to circumvent in the event of dissension.  
I also hold so that the results of my efforts and first collaborators are not taken again later on by others,  
because I count in particular to invest in a field which holds me with heart.  
However, it is obvious that the shareholders will be invited to sign an official convention, 
and they will obtain frequent updates and posses a say upon wages and important decisions.  
Your experience and your degree of engagement to help will be highly appreciated and granted.  
We will listen to what you will have to say.  
The investors who I research are to be classified in the following categories:  
Financial contribution located between 250 and 1.000 euros :  
They are the investors whom I seek preferably, especially people to themselves invest in time.  
Possibility of housing near the seat of activity (when choosen), obviously in such a case.  
It will be required to have a technical skill. (To be only able to stick wallpapers will not be sufficient…)  
Financial contribution located between 1.000 and 5.000 euros :  
It should be noted that this category of investors is not necessary immediately,  
since the banks of the Tunisian State can lend 10 times more than the initial private financial contribution.  
These investors will be able to prove useful to support a later growth,  
insofar as it would be to us diffcile to ensure the follow-up of the customer orders.  
They are absolutely not obliged to put the shoulder to the wheel,  
and can be satisfied to collect their dividends without leaving on their premises.  
Obviously, all the precautions will be taken to prevent that these last investors take the control of the company.  
To regard itself as outlaws of office of this business: Dreamers, peaks of Mirandole unable to repair a lavatory, inventors of the perpetual motion, contributors of funds of doubtful origin, etc…

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